How to stay motivated and positive.

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. Today’s blog is on how to be motivated and stay positive. I thought this would be something interesting to talk about because I myself get in fluster like everyone else. I have days where I feel like I have everything pulled together and days where I’m sapped of creative energy, motivation and desire, inspiration. Whatever that makes you going and pumped and excited.

1) Getting organized – my first tip to getting motivated.

 My first tip for me and this is what works for me when I’m feeling flustered is to get organized. I definitely go through phases where I lose motivation and don’t feel inspired. So what I do is de- clutter my work and environment. It will help clear your mind and open you upto creative ideas and thoughts.

My second tip is to organize your brain. Sometimes your brain gets confused, what I like to do is – I have a planner( I know planners wont work for eveyone/ or you could just write on your phone) and write notes when I do get inspired, so I have like a lot of inspirational thoughts and ideas. I also have food inspiration, things I need to remember to do etc. It’s just really is my brain in a book. Ever since I started to do this I have definitely felt so much better because I used to write in random places and go crazy trying to remember where I put them. So now its all in on spot and don’t have to worry about it.

Next tip is we all need to workout. Come on guys its great to look good, don’t get me wrong I’m the first to admit I like to look good. I like to take care of myself. One thing I noticed about working out was that it made me stronger physically and it made me stronger mentally because it is really a mental challenge when you are working out and you’re getting stronger. When I’m working out I push myself harder and harder and its a mind game and it really trains you to realize that in 2-6 months from now you could be a different person and its all upto you. That’s what I love about working out, it is very inspiring, it tranfers to every other area in your life. You know you can start small, even if its just walking around the block, even if its running on a treadmill for a few minutes and you slowly push yourself and find balance. It doesn’t have to be all about having a certain type of body shape that you see on TV, its more about how you feel. 

2) Set goals and remind yourself daily.

So when I’m setting goals there is one thing I like to do. Make a good chart or write out your goals on a paper. Once you done this the next tip is to remind yourself daily about the goals that you have made. It will motivate you and drive you to get up and do the things you need to do and make that happen. Also speak positively to yourself and write out the positive mantras and reminders. Try not to be a hater to yourself or to others for that matter LOL. Be kind.

3) Accomplish something and rest.

The next step is to accomplish something. Start with something small and accomplish it, see how you feel and then move forward with accomplishing the next thing. That kinda goes hand in hand with making goals and accomplishing them. Try not to make your goals big, make them something realistic and accomplish them everyday. It will inspire you to be more disciplined.

And the final tip is to rest. Even God rested on the seventh day, this is true. You know, you can’t belive that you’re gonna be able to accomplish what you want if you just grind yourself to the ground. Like nobody can do that unless you’re super man. You have to take time off. It is okay just take a day and relax, sit out in the sun, go for a walk. Just relax, breath, just rest. I know this sounds cliché but these where honestly the tips that I have, that I came up with when I sat down and thought about it. These are what I utilize in my own life to accomplish the things I want to accomplish. 

I fall short all the time- I doubt, I have fear, I let my environment affect me, my emotions affect me; but these are the things that really had made a difference for me.So hopefully if you implement 1 or 2 of these things and maybe none of this will work for you but if they do, I’d love to know what your thoughts are and how you get motivated.

Thanks your reading!




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