Want long and thick lashes naturally? Here are my 3 favorite methods.

Here are 3 ways to grow longer and thick lashes naturally.

1. Vaseline/ petroleum jelly. 

Steps to apply:

  • Clean your lashes and make sure there is no eye makeup.
  • Take a q-tip and dip it into the Vaseline/petroleum jelly. Using the q-tip as the applicator run it along your lash line as you would apply eyeliner (careful not to get it into your eyes).
  • After that get a little bit of Vaseline on your index finger and slowly get some of it on to your lashes.
  • Repeat this everyday before going to bed. You will Start seeing the difference in 2- 3 weeks.  

2. Castor oil.

Steps to apply:

  • Clean your face with water and remove all eye make up.
  • Take a q-tip and slowly dip it into the oil and apply it on your lashes.
  • Repeat this every day before going to bed.

Note: I used Castor oil on my eye brows too. It helps thickening the eye brows. 

3. Coconut oil.

Steps to apply:

  • Wash your face and remove any eye make up. Now place a few drops of warm coconut oil onto your finger tips.
  • Apply this oil on clean eyelashes and massage it gently for a few minutes.
  • After this rinse your eyelashes.

Note:  I use coconul oil as a face moisturizer too.

Feel free to share your beauty tricks with me and I will try them.




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