You can do it!

What happened to me in the past two years. A lot of things happened. A lot of experience came by. A lot of travelling happened. I was happy and I jumped in happiness and excitement. Everything was colorful and fun. I learned a lot. I learned to stand for myself. I learned how to talk. I made friends, I lost friends. I went to get ice cream at 1 in the morning. I learned how different each individual is. I learned traveling alone is not scary. I learned to understand people more. I learned how to keep away from people who demotivate me and drains the fun outta my life and learned how to kick out the people who broke my trust and who hurted me.In the past two years I learned how to say no. I became brave. I became nonjudgmental.

In the past two years there are many times when I became heart broken and gone through depression. There are time when I stoped eating, stoped sleeping and started hating myself and blaming God and me for all the problems. It is funny that I never wanted to move on. I knew I was depressed. I knew I had to do something to get out of it and I knew it was only me who can help me out. But I never did anything about it and again I blamed myself. I figured no one was there to support me since nobody knew what was happening.

I knew everyone was helpless and hopeless. I never thought I would recover from it even partially. Then one day I took a step foreward. Despite the negatively I tried to pick myself up and I did it. Even though I’m sad everyday. Even though I’m confused. I will still try and pick myself up.



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