I wanna fly high. I wanna walk around and take pictures. I wanna enjoy each day and live. I wanna laugh out loud. I wanna live my life without any regrets. I wanna spend my life and time with amazing people. I wanna go on hikes with them. I wanna feel the rain. I wanna feel the water. I wanna draw. I wanna dream and make my dream come true. I wanna have money. I wanna make money and spoil myself without being account to anyone. I wanna find a good friend who I can have fun with. I want that person who would listen to me and with whom I can have endless conversations with. Life is unpredictable, we would never know where life is gonna take us to.



  1. and by the way do you have facebook account i’m from nepal so no bad intentions just feels like would be fun to talk have a conversation.i f you ever decide to add me up mine is “Ushav Koirala” type it there’s only one person in this whole shitpile with this name so this is me


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