I learned how to love myself by paying attention to what makes me feel good and what drains me. Everything and everyone who drains me, has to GO.

It is funny how I come across people who has the same likes and dislikes like mine. Some stays in my life, some walks away and some that I have to walk away from.  I feel like I’m growing. I know I make major mistakes. Now I know I have to stand for myself. I learned I have to stand for myself because nobody else will.

There have been times in my life when I knew there was something wrong about the way I was being treated but I was too afraid or shy to stand up for myself. It can be really hard and scary for people, because I think we’re afraid of being liked less. But if you don’t stand up for yourself or for what you believe in, then you will get taken advantage of. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, it feels just as awful. I believe that when you start standing up for yourself, you will actually be respected so much more.



  1. Hello,
    Came across from the Community Pool in answer to your appeal. I liked this post and agree with you – it is important for one’s self-esteem to stand up for oneself.
    I do find the dark background with black text a little difficult to read.

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